Ranting for positive effect

You may have gathered by now that ranting really isn’t my thing.  I have begun to avoid forums as that seems to be all I read and I find it so depressing.  Personally I feel that if I rant about this situation we find ourselves in it focuses me on the negative rather than the positive and that's not at all helpful.  However a friend and I were discussing the subject of ranting this morning and she pointed out that I do rant occasionally but in conversation.  Friend said that to rant in this way can actually do you good as it gets some of the frustration out of your system and doesn't require a reply.  She pointed out that when I rant to her she 'mmms' and 'aaahs' without actually agreeing with me (which I hadn't noticed!) and lets me run on until I feel better.  However she pointed out that the problem with putting a rant into solid form especially on the internet invites agreement  from readers and the responses are generally negative in tone reinforcing the feelings which prompted the rant in the first place.  So I think I was right to focus on the positive in this blog and on the new facebook page but may still continue to rant in conversation occasionally (although I will now notice the 'mmms' and 'aaahs' and may even challenge her occasionally).