Resistance is futile

We live at the end of a track, have a dog and Ash can't see the point in taking his wellies off when he nips in and out of the house so a few years ago we took up all the carpets and painted the concrete floors cream which looked lovely for a while.  Unfortunately those floors need repainting on a regular basis and the paint can take up to 72 hours to dry.  On Thursday I came home from a visit to my mum to find Ash out with the dog and note on the shower room door saying 'No entry, wet floor'.  Now in the scheme of things this wasn't a problem once I'd got my head around the fact that I needed to go and buy shampoo for the morning as I couldn't get to the bottle in the shower.  What worries me a little is that he now has it in his head that he's going to paint the floors throughout the house and I'm not sure how much of a strategy there's going to be.  On the flip side he has such a broad smile on his face because he's done a really good job, the shower room floor looks great and he's feeling good about himself.  Yesterday I posted a quote on the fb group which says 'Happiness is ..... seeing your loved ones smile (and knowing you put it there)',  well I didn't put the smile on his face but I'm certainly not going to be the one to remove it.  I am however keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't start on the kitchen without a discussion first.  There's no point in objecting as he won't remember the objections but some warning would be nice.