Retail therapy

As with ranting I don't really 'do' shopping but went to mum's today for the first time in two weeks and we decided on a little retail therapy that wouldn't be too stressful for me.  This summer I've spent more time in the garden than ever before and so have also had time to notice things.  What I've noticed more than anything is that our summerhouse (AKA 'The Shed') is looking a little stark.  I love it as it is a calm refuge from which I can look out on the garden and the birds helping themselves to seeds and nuts from the feeder.  Outside it is black with pale green window and door frames.  Inside there is more pale green on the two chairs, small table and worktop that is wonderful for spreading the Sunday paper out on.  The walls are white with only a (pale) canvas, a skim board and an apple crate holding bird books to break it up and that is almost it as far as colour is concerned.  This makes for a calm environment but is, I've decided, a little soulless hence the retail therapy to buy bright cushions and possibly some pictures.  Unfortunately couldn't find the cushions I know are out there somewhere and the only picture I saw that would have been perfect was £150.00 which seemed a lot to spend on something to go in a shed!  Instead Mum treated herself and now her sitting room has a beautiful new picture above the fire place, a glass vase full of white lilies in the window and some new cushions in the two armchairs so the trip wasn't wasted.