Take a deep breath, keep calm and think of a way out

This morning I woke to find Ash in a state.  Apparently he'd been awake half an hour not daring to move in case he woke me and I was cross!!!! Something similar has happened on a couple of occasions before and each time I've messed up and made the situation worse so I took a deep breath, kept calm and said I was going to make a cup of tea.  When I returned with the tea he carried on with his agitated explanation of why he was upset and apparently it was all my fault.  In the past I would have got into the endless circle of discussion where I would try to reassure him that I wouldn't be cross and he would get more anxious.  This time I made myself keep quiet (anyone who knows me will tell you this is not an easy thing for me to do at the best of times!) and focused on the next few days with the gorgeous 4 year old who's coming to stay and then moved on to what I would spend our lottery winnings on if we ever had any.  Also, just in case you're beginning to think I'm some sort of saint, I spent some time deciding who I wouldn't share my winnings with which always makes me feel better.  By the end of this I suggested we get up and he agreed with no mention of the last hour.  Job done and all was well once again.

Get in touch if you have any other ideas for getting out of a similar situation.