The power of positive thinking

Yesterday began as a miserable extension of Sunday.  Even though I was trying hard not to be I was still cross and upset from the circular discussion over light bulbs (and how stupid does that sound!) so I snapped when Ash asked a question which in turn made him snap back as my snapping had made him feel stupid and so it went on until I'd dug a big hole I didn't feel able to get us out of.  We were both upset and he was angry with the world all over again.  After a couple of hours of this I'd had enough and took myself off to write about the lovely time we'd had at the Christening on Saturday.  The change in my mood was almost instant as I found myself remembering the day and the way Ash had smiled the whole time and chatted to everyone around.  What a difference to the light bulb scenario.  What I also found however was that as my mood lightened yesterday so did his and this happened so quickly that within half an hour of me finishing the blog he'd got the mower out of the shed and headed to the churchyard to get the grass cut.  I went to a friend's for lunch and by the time I got back a couple of hours later the grass was cut and he was relaxing in the garden.  He was even chilled about the fact that the strimmer wouldn't work and he couldn't fix it.  That my friends is the power of positive thinking.  If my mood hadn't improved we would have finished the day in turmoil and all through a lack of positivity on my part.