Today is a good day

After the horrendous start to Monday I thought we were on our way down with all of this but ...... Ash got to my mum's, cut the grass and came home, managed an evening and whole day without me and painted the utility room and hall floors so they look better than they have in a couple of years.  On top of that today he cleaned  the utility room (a major job I can assure you) while I went to see a friend for a cup of tea AND when it came to taking the dog for a walk he remembered where I was so called to check I'd got my door key with me in case I got home before him!!!  I'm trying to keep the 'high' in check as I know it won't last but am so happy I can hardly contain myself.  It really is amazing how the small things can make so much difference.

Have also decided that this is the year (or at least while it's still possible) to say 'yes' to any invitations that come my way.  I have no idea how much longer I'll have this freedom so am determined to make the most of it.