What a difference a few days make.  Five days ago we were in crisis over the weekly grocery shop.  Ostensibly light bulbs were to blame but thinking back I feel it was because I'd pushed the shopping day back to Sunday.  This morning Ash opened his eyes, realised it was Friday and asked 'what are we doing today'?  As soon as I said 'food shopping' he visibly relaxed and all was well in his world.  It seems ridiculous that something so small can take on such importance to him but it does and is just one example of how he needs structure to keep him on an even keel.  When he was working he never knew from one day to the next which part of the country he would be heading for or where he would end up but he thrived on it, Life today is just so different.

We are now going away for a couple of nights.  This is the first time since February I've been brave enough to try a short break but we're going to friends with whom he feels very relaxed and comfortable so I'm hoping for the best.  Have also spent this morning making sure everything was easy and unpressured so keep your fingers crossed that it works out then we can do it again.