Another step forward and another victory over dementia

Over the last few years I have felt as though I've been losing my best friend piece by piece.  Ash withdrew from conversation, from family life and from our relationship, each day appearing to retreat into himself that little bit more until there seemed no connection between us.  When we were given the diagnosis I knew what had happened;  I already had the shell of the man I once knew and couldn't see any way but down.  I thought that was it and it was until I discovered that there was a way out of the fog.  I talked to people, asked questions, read books and discovered much to be positive about.  I've written before about strategies I was given and how, from the moment they were put in place, life improved and I know we have gradually been climbing out of the abyss but something has just happened that is more exciting than anything that has come before.  Every day Ash takes Max the spaniel for a walk and is away from home for about an hour and a half.  We used to do this together but then he stopped speaking on the walk and almost seemed to resent me being there.  I learnt to leave him to it.  He went when he wanted, where he wanted and for as long as he wanted.  I didn't ask to go with him and didn't ask questions when he got back.  Today he asked if I was going too!!  I went (obviously I wasn't going to say 'no') and we had a lovely stroll through the woods.  Not only that but he chatted as we went along, pointed out birds to me that I didn't recognise (I never do), showed me wildflowers I'd never seen before and laughed at Max's antics as he bounded through the trees.  I know the dementia hasn't disappeared, I realise that this won't last for ever but, for now, it's a good feeling.