From confusion to taking the initiative in one day.

Today has been very interesting in more ways than one.  Last Wednesday I finished work for two weeks and Ash was instantly chilled.  I'm still not sure why  but am very grateful and we've had a lovely few days, no stress, no anxiety and no traumas.  This morning I left home at 8.30 to collect a friend as we were having a day out together.  Unfortunately the only part of the day we'd really organised was the departure time so I went to collect her at exactly the same time she left home to collect me!  Not only that but my phone went dead as soon as I tried to phone her (and it turned out she'd forgotten her phone so I wouldn't have been able to call her anyway).  I came home to find that she had left our house to return home and wait for me and Ash was in a state of utter confusion.  Actually at that point so were we as you might have guessed but that's a whole other story.  I just hope you're keeping up so far.  Anyway the point of telling you all of this is to show how such a small event could affect Ash so badly.  He had forgotten where I was going, how I was getting there, whether my friend had actually been at the house or any other thing that had happened that morning.  This wasn't a major crisis you understand, just a small amount of confusion that was easily rectified and we only set off for the day around 15 minutes late but he just couldn't cope and it seemed that all the calm of the past week had disappeared in an instant.

Cut to this evening and I've returned home after a great day out to find Ash cooking his tea.  To be fair to him I hadn't said what time I would be back and he had just assumed that I wasn't home for tea so had organised himself and was very proud of what he'd done.  This was absolutely brilliant so I ignored the rumblings in my stomach, congratulated him on his plate of food and then sat down to type this.  In an hour or so I'll mention that I'm now a little peckish and stroll into the kitchen to make a sandwich.  His well-being will be preserved and I will only be a little late eating so a win-win I think.