I'm learning

For the past two weeks the printer/scanner has refused to speak to my computer via the airwaves.  The computer would work plugged in but the scanner wouldn't even do that.  Today when I mentioned buying a new scanner Ash decided he would fix it!!!  Not too long ago I would have told him not to bother as I wouldn't have believed he could do it, a heated discussion would have ensued and we would have both ended up cross and out of sorts with nothing else achieved.  Today I thought briefly and decided that the worst that could happen was for the machine to stop working.  As it currently isn't working properly anyway that didn't seem particularly important.  What was more important was for Ash 1. to have something to do 2. to have the opportunity to fix something that wasn't working.  As I've said before I'm not the most patient of people so thought it was best to leave him to it and actually within 15 minutes he'd managed to get the scanner working even if it still had to be plugged in.  Half an hour after that he told me triumphantly that the printer was now working although apparently it needed to be plugged in to the computer!!!  In the past I would have pointed out that this was exactly how the printer had been working.  By now I know that his self-esteem is far more important than the truth so I said 'thank you'.  Some people might see this as patronising, I see Ash with a smile on his face.  Which is more important? (and my scanner is working).