Knowing the skeletons in the cupboard

Today I've been out for lunch with two of my oldest friends.  We've known each other since school (one I met at primary school and the other at secondary school) and meeting up with them is a very liberating experience.  There really is nothing like talking to people who know all the skeletons in your teenage cupboard.  There is no use trying to hide behind the person you would like to be, they will see right through you and won't be impressed.  The other great thing about this friendship is that they were there at the very beginning when Ash and I met and actually remember events from that time that I have long forgotten so there is nothing to explain and little to describe.  This year, I think as a result of realising that life and friendships are very precious, we have met more frequently than ever before and each time I've come away feeling relaxed and ready to face the world again.

So that was today.  Last night I went out with friends I've only known for around 18 years so, in the context of this post, they are almost 'new' friends.  They don't know my skeletons or much of my history but they are equally supportive and we too have decided to meet up more frequently.

I know I am now at risk of repeating myself but if you too are at the beginning of a life affected by dementia make the most of your friends; go out with them, enjoy yourself and don't feel guilty.  There will be times to come when you can't get away or when it will be more difficult to have a meal or a day out so do it now while you can. 

I now have two weeks off work and have several things planned either just for me or for both of us.  Watch this space to see how it all pans out.