Outing, outings outings ...............

This week has seen both of us (plus the dog) out in the wilds of the Peak Distict on Monday, lunch with my cousin at our local pub on Tuesday, coffee with a friend on Wednesday, grocery shopping (which always ends with coffee and croissant at M & S) yesterday and today I've been in  Norfolk with another friend all day.  The fun doesn't stop there as tomorrow afternoon I'm going with a group of friends to sing-a-long to Mama Mia 2 at our local Cinema, tomorrow night is the Harvest Supper in the village and Sunday is Harvest Festival in the church next door.  I did say a while ago that my aim was to accept (almost) all invitations that came my way and to do as much as I/we can while it's still possible and this week seems to have been a prime example.  On top of all of this when we woke this morning Ash had remembered not only what I was doing (trip to Norfok) but also what he had planned (taking garden rubbish to the tip).  When I got home he'd actually exceeded expectations and taken two loads of rubbish to the tip.  As this is one of his favourite activities I came home to a great smile which was lovely.

Back at work on Monday which is going to come as a huge shock so am really working at the feelgood playlist.  This morning I added 'What a Wonderful World' by Joey Ramone which was a version I hadn't heard before.  Don't forget you can give me your suggestions on the fb group.