Sometimes staying at home is enough

I am now in the middle of two weeks off work.  Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may remember (but don't worry if you haven't kept up with my holiday plans, they do change on a regular basis) that I was planning on a camping trip to an island off the coast of Wales for these two weeks.  Decided against that as fancied going to Florida in November and can't afford both.  Anyway, for whatever reason, we have spent the first of the two weeks at home and it's been wonderful.  Ash has been completely relaxed, we've had days out with friends, I've had lunch out on some days and left him at home, there has been no stress or anxiety and nothing (except my mother but that's another story) to cause any and I'm left wondering why I felt we needed to get away. 

In the past we have always gone away if I've had any time off as it was the only way we could have time with just the two of us (three when Jake was younger).  I did once have a week off and stayed at home but was phoned by work three times in the one week so from then on we went away, preferably abroad.  Now life has changed so much I'm still trying things out to see what works best.  That life is also changing on a daily basis and I have discovered that I need to learn from every single thing that happens, whether it's a mood swing, a walk in the woods, a shopping trip or a holiday.  I'm still not good with the thought of staycations as a permanent thing but for now it's working amazingly well.