Teetering time pieces

Following a proper night's sleep I feel a different person today and at this present moment, have no need of  Gloria Gaynor singing 'I will survive'.  We've had a lovely day so my mind has turned to the problem of what to do about mornings from January.  My favourite breakfast DJ is moving to another radio station (if you live in the UK you will now be divided into Marmite groups as you'll either love him or hate him) and that is only available on DAB radio.  The clock radio we currently use is the one Ash bought me for my 21st birthday thirty seven years ago and, as you can imagine, the stations we can get are very limited.  I'm reluctant to give it up for obvious reasons but also because he knows how to use it.  If I buy a new clock radio to replace that one he will be thrown into confusion so have thought about buying a DAB radio to perch on top of the old clock radio however we also have a digital clock which tells the day, date and time helping Ash to keep track where in the week he is but this is too bright to have on all night so is plugged in as soon as I get up to make a cup of tea in the morning.  I wonder if you have yet started to build a picture of what may soon be sitting on our chest of drawers?  In my mind's eye I see a tower of devices with the clock radio at the bottom, the DAB radio above that and then, sitting right at the top, will be the digital day/date/time clock.  Think that will cover all eventualities and as long as we're not photographed for 'House Beautiful' we'll be ok.

Can you see how life with dementia isn't all about the big decisions and the major traumas?  Sometimes it's little things that can cause difficulties as well.