Viewing life differently

Have just spent the last two hours cleaning moss from between the cobbles that run along the back of the house.  They cover the area under a brick veranda which Ash built 19 years ago.  He laid the cobbles too and every so often he's swept them (usually when Open Gardens in the village has been looming) but nothing more has ever been done to them.  This is a little like the ivy I've spent the summer clearing from the brick patio he built not long after Jake was born.  The wall now looks beautiful and the cobbles are moving in the same direction.  I was pondering my motivation in this (which is another way of saying I wondered what on earth had got into my head when I first started these jobs) and  think it is all to do with being able to see more clearly all the things Ash has created over the years.  Not long ago I would have thought of these jobs as mind-numbingly boring but now I find them therapeutic.  Over the past few months I have learnt to slow down and enjoy the moment and in the process am rediscovering things we planned together and reliving the excitement all over again.  I'm sure there are worse ways of spending my time.