Feeling very positive but .....

I love the fact that Ash is so smiley at the moment.  He seems to be getting back his enjoyment of life which has been missing for so long and that's wonderful.  The jokes and teasing have returned in force, there's conversation (not in-depth or exciting but it's there) and he even remembers some of the things I've told him.  BUT there is part of me which is waiting for this all to fall apart again.  Just as when we went on holiday in May and I was expecting to come home on day three now I'm anxious that one small thing could bring everything down like a house of cards.  However, looking on the positive side, not only did we stay in Lanzarote for two whole weeks those weeks were the start of the climb from the abyss to where we are now.  As we all know dementia isn't something you recover from but equally I haven't seen any studies showing how long it can be delayed.  Each case is so different that I suppose results, if we had them, would be meaningless anyway so all I can do is stay focused and determined.  Those two things have worked up to now so there seems to be no reason why they shouldn't keep working for a while longer and, as long as I keep in the back of mind that this won't last for ever, we'll enjoy it while we can.  It's certainly better than the life we were leading just before we got the diagnosis.