Fun with the nearly 5 year old

Spent this morning at the beach jumping waves, collecting shells and making train tracks in the sand then this afternoon saw the nearly 5 year old and Ash creating a conker rolling system out of drainpipes and guttering as well as a zip wire using ropes, tree branches and a step ladder (for manouvering a bag of walnuts up and down).  The two of them are now flat out on the floor building a lego village.  A few months ago I posted after a day when Ash had spent hours building lego models with the little one but that was all he managed to do and there was no conversation to carry things along.  Today was so different I can't believe he is the same person.  Several people have commented recently on how much more like his old self he is and a friend asked today if I thought it was the cumulative effect of his medication.  My reply?  I think it is much more the consistent cumulative effect of Penny Garner's (Contented Dementia) strategies and the belief that a diagnosis of dementia doesn't have to mean the end of life as we know it. 

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