Life lessons (#2)

I wrote yesterdays post while on a high from successfully getting my mum to her 'posh luncheon club' when she hadn't wanted to go and seeing her confidence and well-being grow just by walking through the door.  In fact I was feeling fairly smug and pleased with myself all day.  I collected her, drove her home and made a cup of tea before leaving to get back in time to cook tea but while we were sitting chatting she announced that she wasn't going any day when it was icy as she didn't want to be out on icy roads!  Now this didn't bother her last winter when I went over every week to take her out shopping and for lunch and I'm fairly sure it won't stop her coming over for Christmas but she is adamant about this.  I am equally adamant that she will be going every week as she has such a nice time and is so chatty for the whole of the following week.  The question is: how to deal with it?  The thing is I've realised that if this was Ash I would know exactly what to do.  Those strategies I've learnt from watching him would mean I would just agree with him and then on the day act as though  the discussion had never happened.  He, I'm fairly sure, would just get in the car and head off in whichever direction I suggested.  My mum is 89 and has memory problems but I don't think she has dementia (at least not on the same level as Ash).  What she does have however is an ability to know exactly which of my buttons to press.