New friends are always welcome

Tonight we have been invited out for a meal.  That might not seem remarkable to many people and once upon a time for us it would just have been something lovely to look forward to.  This however is different because we have been invited somewhere new by people who don't really know us.  The important thing here though is that they do know Ash has dementia and have invited us anyway.  When dementia enters your life if you're lucky the vast majority of your friends will continue to include you in invitations, you will still be able to attend village events and your social life will carry on much as normal for as long as possible.  That has happened to us and I am very grateful however for someone new to invite you to their house is mind blowing.   They really don't know us and we have no friendship history to fall back on so they are just taking a chance that we will act normally, that the evening won't be too difficult and that we might even all like each other at the end of it.  In effect they are giving us a go and offering a hand of friendship.  It's all very exciting and we are both looking forward to it.