Ash was hunting for something in the loft this morning and found a box of photos we hadn't seen for years.  Going through them we found photos of the two of us as teenagers: some of Ash before we got together, one of him on the school ski trip where we first met (how fashions have changed), some at the Royal Wedding street party the year before we got married (again, how fashions have changed) and some of us with his parents in a tent neither of us remember.  It was wonderful.  We both looked so young and full of fun with our whole life in front of us and once again I was reminded of how things used to be.  Over 40 years ago now.  Before Jake, before Max (the dog), before this house, this village and, mostly, these friends.  We had no idea how things would work out but looking back over those 40 plus years there aren't many things I would change.  This thing called dementia that has entered our lives is just one more addition to the layers that we have built together over the years, something else to work through, a series of problems to figure out.  Life is quieter and calmer now than it was then but there is still fun to be had, friends to make, things to discover, family to enjoy.  We've done it before and I know we'll do it again because we're still together which, when you think about it, is all that matters.