Sometimes you have to push just a little bit

I spend a lot of my time nowadays accepting life as it comes because this is what keeps stress levels low and helps Ash to function at a relatively normal level.  This means that we shop on the days he wants to and in the shops he knows, we generally watch the quiz shows he likes and he walks the dog in the village wood every day.  However he doesn't get things all his own way.  In an evening he now watches a quiz show from 5pm - 6pm (this is the man who once upon a time wouldn't be inside until it got dark), the news from 6pm - 7pm, a quiz show from 7pm - 8pm and then I gently put my foot down and we watch something else.  Whatever it is it's never very exciting but at least it's not a quiz show.  Saturday mornings we go into the local town to buy the paper and have a coffee at one of the cafes, sitting in the window to watch the world go by, then come home.  Today I suggested that after the coffee we went to have a look at one of the new housing developments just to be nosy.  Ash said he wasn't bothered so I said 'it's ok, You stay here while I go and get the paper then I can have a look before I come home'.  He decided to come with me, we both found it really interesting and it gave us something to talk about.  This afternoon I suggested we took Max to the local Wildlife Trust woodland for a walk just for something different.  Ash said he wasn't bothered about doing something different so I said 'that's ok, Max and I will go without you'.  We all went, had a lovely walk in the sunshine and then came home for a cup of tea.  I know it's important to keep things simple and life is so much better if I do but sometimes gently pushing for 'different' can make life just that little bit more interesting.