New and unfamiliar can work

As reported yesterday we went somewhere new for a meal last night and. not only 'somewhere' new but with 'someone' new.  You really can't beat old friends who know you inside out and have been with you through thick and thin but new ones are also great.  New things to talk about, new plans to make and new surroundings to see.  Not only that but Ash was so relaxed.  I've noticed this on several occasions now and mentioned it to a friend who's known us for years.  She suggested that he's less anxious because there's no pressure on him to remember events or people from the past and I really think that could be true.  He's getting better with everyone and, apart from the odd blip, can cope with most social situations now but it really was good last night to see him not only join in the chat but also to begin conversations.  Onwards and upwards as they say and here's to more evenings like it.  If you're in a similar situation and are thinking that familiar is best I'd like to suggest you also try the new and unfamiliar.  It really might help.