In the words of the Kaiser Chiefs .......

......... 'Oh my god I can't believe it'.  As most of you know by now Ash loves to watch quiz shows and would watch them back to back if he could, I however can only stand so much so we have reached a compromise.  We watch Pointless at 7 pm while eating our tea on the basis that it usually triggers some discussion, then we watch something of my choosing for the next hour.  At 9 pm Ash watches The Chase while I switch on my headphones and listen either to music while I read or to an audio book.  This has worked well for the past few weeks but tonight I couldn't find a single thing in my 8 o'clock slot so I suggested Ash could have two hours of The Chase and I went to the office  to look through emails, see what was for sale on Rightmove (a hobby of mine, not because I'm planning a house move) and any number of other computer related activities.  I'd just settled into web browsing when he came through asking if I'd seen the Scrabble board as he thought we could have a game!!!  I was in shock.  I can't remember the last time he suggested we did something together and certainly not something in an evening that wasn't quiz show related.  Unfortunately the Scrabble board is at my Mum's but I promised that I would collect it when I go next week and then we will have a battle on our hands as each of us thinks we're going to be the victor.  In actual fact I am quietly (or not so quietly even) claiming victory, however temporary, over this thing called dementia. As far as Scrabble is concerned we'll have to wait and see.

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