So what next?

Life is very calm here at the moment and things feel under control.  I realise that this is a reckless thing to say and that I should be touching wood in every direction but it's true that we are currently in a little hiatus however short it may prove to be.  Ash is very capable just now.  Logs are being split, the bathroom floor has been painted, social events are better than just manageable, conversation is increasing (as long as I pick my moments) and things are looking up.  Not only that but where I was dreading the winter evenings when I thought I would be condemned to sitting in silence watching quiz shows I now have my noise cancelling head phones so can read, listen to music, use to meditate, pay attention to audio books (although I'm having to train my mind not to wander - hence the meditation) and am looking forward to learning to play the piano and to knit.  No time then to be bored but room in my brain for other things hence the discussions with The Thomas Centre regarding dementia friendly family holidays.  Recently I've been thinking how hard it must be for children who are directly affected by dementia.  There are those children who are having to act as carers for a parent or grandparent but, in families affected by early onset dementia, there are children still living at home who just need someone to talk to, who need to be given strategies to use in language they understand and who need to know how they can help make life easier for those around them.  I really feel it doesn't help children if we try to shield them from what's going on but all too often we underestimate their ability to cope with life and so we try to hide things from them.  Children aren't stupid, even if we don't talk to them about what's happening they will know something isn't right and if we don't give them the facts they will make something up.  I would love to know if there are groups out there supporting children in these situations so if you know of anything please tell me.  If not then maybe it's time to start something.

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Sarah H said…
Good thinking . . . as always! 🙂