Ash and I always liked a party (well I loved them and he enjoyed them once I got him there) but for the last few years our lives have got quieter and quieter mostly because he had little conversation, preferred to sit in silence at home and there didn't seem much point.  NOW HOWEVER things are changing and this week is a fine example.  Tonight we have friends coming over for a meal, Friday we're driving a couple of hours to meet different friends for lunch and Saturday we're off to our (newly refurbished and very smart) local pub for a meal with yet more friends.  Everyone has been briefed on the 'no questions' thing, everyone we're meeting has a copy of the 'Contented Dementia' booklet so knows what to expect and I have high hopes of every single outing.  Who said dementia is the end of everything?  It's certainly been the end of our social life as we knew it but that really is no bad thing.

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