We've come a long way

This morning I was thinking about how far Ash and I have come over the last 12 months.  A year ago we went on holiday to Florida and I planned it just like any other holiday with the hire car, the different accommodation, the list of activities to experience and the destinations to visit while we were there.  In fact that holiday was my most ambitious ever and entailed 11 different bookings.  That holiday was quite hard for him as it entailed lots of driving on the 'wrong' side of the road, we stayed in four different apartments in three different places and we needed to make decisions almost every day. We flew to Fort Lauderdale, travelled down through the Florida Keys to Key West for just over a week then back up to West Palm Beach where we spent a week on the beach before returning to Fort Lauderdale.  Six weeks later Ash was diagnosed with Dementia.  Now that diagnosis didn't suddenly mean he was much worse or in fact that anything had changed at all but over the last year we have both changed so much.  He has become much more accepting that he has difficulties and I have become so much more understanding of how he feels.   Life is easier now and he is less anxious but I know I need to keep it that way so the holiday I have just booked is much simpler than the one I've just described.  Early next year we are again going to Florida but this time we're flying to Orlando, getting a taxi from the airport and staying at a resort that's big enough for us to remain there for the whole two weeks if we want.  It might not be the sort of holiday I chose in 2017 but we'll be away from real life, I won't have to think too hard about anything and Ash won't have anything to worry about.  There is still planning to do to make the trip as stress free as possible but, if I can get it right, I have high hopes of it all.