Yet another break through

A few years ago we had our central heating boiler replaced and the removal of some pipes left a large hole in the bathroom floor.  We don't have the perfect house so just left the hole as it was and, after a while, stopped noticing it.  About a week ago Ash decided he was going to buy some filler to put in the hole and then paint over it all.  Three days ago he did just that and I didn't think any more of it.  That's the first part of the story.  The second part is begun by me telling you that a while ago whenever he woke before me he would lie in bed rigid with fear that if he got up he would wake me.  This would make him cross and the day would start badly so I began to set the alarm for 7am which would mean that we both woke up at the same time, I could go and make the tea and the day would get off to a calm start.  Two weeks ago (I hope you're keeping up here) I forgot to set the alarm and when I woke it was to be greeted with an angry Ash saying that he had lain still just waiting for me to wake so that he get up and it was all my fault that he was frightened of moving.  At one time I would have wasted a lot of energy explaining that it didn't matter if he woke me but this time I just waited until he'd poured out all of that anxiety, said quietly that all that mattered was that he was happy and he was instantly calm.  So where was the breakthrough today?  When the alarm went off he was already awake and told me he'd been awake for ages thinking that he'd made a mess of filling in the hole in the bathroom floor.  He'd worried so much apparently that he'd finally got up to have a look and found everything was fine.  The difference?  He was laughing at himself as he told me what had happened and that meant we both ended up laughing at the whole thing.  What an amazing start to the day especially when I look back and realise how far we've come.

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What a turnaround! Brilliant!