Christmas 2018 is almost over

Taking my mum home today so by the time I get back tonight I think Christmas will be well and truly over.  She's been here six days and we've all survived so that's something to be celebrated I think.  It's not that she's difficult but she likes the heating on high, the volume on the television turned up and the Daily Mail to read every day.  She also likes to be out and about so there's no lounging around enjoying the silence but I think I can safely say that we've all had a good time.  We were with family (including the wonderful 5 year old) and friends on Christmas Day and with family for a very posh Boxing Day lunch in the most beautiful surroundings (our Christmas present from mum).  Mum and I went to see Mary Poppins Returns on Thursday and were out visiting yesterday so Ash had two days to himself, we've compromised on television programmes in an evening and watched dvds which all three of us like.  All of the juggling seems to have worked and everything has passed off peacefully so I'm quietly congratulating myself.  Today then will consist of driving mum home, calling for lunch on the way, stopping at the local farm shop to stock her cupboards and fridge, dropping her off then home for pizza, peace and quiet with feet up on the sofa and no need to make conversation if we don't want to.  Can't wait to spend an evening just the two of us.


Lesley said…
This sounds like a triumph!
Sarah H said…