Christmas will take some planning

Christmas looks set to be a little busy this year so, in order to keep things calm and relaxed for Ash, a certain amount of planning is going into it all.  That way we can do the things we normally do but with few opportunities for stress and/or anxiety to enter into the proceedings.  It will all take a certain amount of juggling though as my mum's coming to stay.  This in itself isn't a problem, we turn the heating up, create a cosy bedroom out of the office, get packets of porridge in for breakfast, move anything spicy to the back of the cupboard, increase the volume on the tv and there we are.  The difficulties come with combining the needs/wants of both my mum and Ash.  As you know he likes to watch endless episodes of The Chase but she hates the programme; he prefers to relax and do not much at all (other than Christmas Day and Boxing Day) where she likes to go out every day; his sense of taste is disappearing so he likes strong tasting food, her sense of taste however is changing so that where she once would eat anything at all now she prefers bland; he likes to go for long walks with the dog but mum can't walk far, hates the cold and would really rather not walk anywhere.  Are you now getting a picture of me being stretched in opposing directions and do you see why I've started my precision planning?  I know everything will all work out it will just need a little organising.  Watch this space to see what I come up with.  Oh and there's no need to feel sorry for me (if indeed you were).  I am looking on the first week as my Christmas Challenge and then, when I take mum home, I still have another week off work which I will plan around 1) the two of us and 2) just me so the second week is my Christmas treat.