Coping with uncertainty.

To paraphrase something my favourite DJ said this morning you need certainty in your life in order to cope with uncertainty and I'm sure this is what's making Ash's life easier.  He can cope with sleeping somewhere other than our bedroom for the next two nights (we're sleeping in the well insulated summer house) because I've put his clock in there which will tell him what day/date/time it is each morning just as normal, we'll be able to listen to the radio as normal, I have the bed set up and tea making things in there so he can have his morning cup of tea and so life first thing in the morning will revolve as it usually does.  In the rest of his life he's uncertain when having to find clothes and choose what to wear but can be certain that his clothes will be on the floor in the usual place because that is where I leave them and they will be what he usually wears because I've bought 5 sets exactly the same; he could be uncertain about taking the dog for a walk but is certain because he does the same routes each time he goes out choosing a particular length depending on the time of day; he was uncertain when my mum arrived last night but was certain when he realised that he could still watch his favourite tv shows throughout the evening and have his supper at the usual time.  When I think about it all of this makes perfect sense.  When Ash is certain of things in his life he feels safe and can then cope with minor changes.  I think it's one of the reasons that he is still able to go on holiday without stressing.  He knows I've organised enough of them over the years that he can be completely certain that I will get us there and back in one place and make sure he has nothing to worry about.  I also make sure that I know exactly what's going to happen and when before we go because if I'm certain of life then so is he.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and watch this space to find out how we got on.