Learning to take life one hour at a time

I definitely like a plan but have also learnt over the past year to take life one day at a time.  Now that learning has developed and I have slowly realised that it really is best to take life one hour at a time.  This morning was a prime example.  Monday is the day I pick mum up and take her to the 'posh luncheon club' which involves me leaving home at 8am so I got up and took Ash his cup of tea before getting my breakfast and having a shower.  When I took his first cup of tea he was perfectly happy but when I went to get dressed I thought I'd treat him to a second cup and took that in to a completely different man, one who was lying rigid in bed with a look of despair on his face.  Apparently he was useless, no good for anything and there was no point in getting up.  Usually when these rare moods come on him I sit down and try to talk him round but this morning there wasn't time so I just assured him that he wasn't useless, that it was all in his head and that I really had to go.  I spent the hour long car journey worrying about him but realised that there was nothing I could do so had to put it to the back of my mind.  Got mum out, did her grocery shopping and washing, had my lunch and then thought I would risk phoning home to see how things were.  Well you know what?  Everything was absolutely fine.  I'd phoned just as he was going out for a walk with the dog and he was his usually jolly self.  That was the point when I realised that taking life one hour at a time is the way forward.  There really is no point in worrying about things you can't alter and I just need to remember that everything in this game moves so fast there probably won't be time to make changes anyway.

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Lesley said…
This made me smile. I've also, on many occasions, carried around the worry brought on by a loved one's despair only to find out later that he had moved on way before me and what I had been agonising about all day was actually just a momentary panic for him!
Sarah H said…
Ditto! 🙂