Not taking things personally

Out of our three back-to-back social events we had planned two have happened and have gone without a hitch.  The third is tonight so I'll let you know tomorrow how it went.  What I did notice was that Ash was really tired at the end of yesterday (a 2 hour drive there, 3 hour lunch and 2 hour drive back at the end of the day) and when we got home he was very grumpy.  We'd had a great time but I said one wrong thing and it was the end of the world.  I know by now though that there is always a reason for the outbursts, decided he was tired and left him to it.  He lit the fire, we settled down for the news followed by an episode of Pointless and, after a couple of hours, he was back to his normal self, making jokes, finding the answers to questions and generally happy.  This morning the alarm woke me which is never good so I lay for ages working out how to get my eyes to open.  Suddenly Ash snapped and asked me if I was ever going to make the tea.  In a previous life I would have snapped back and a row would have broken out, now however I just went downstairs, made the tea and took it back up to bed.  When I returned it turned out that he thought there was a major problem with his computer.  There wasn't so we decided he'd dreamed it and suddenly he was happy again.  The lesson here is that there is always a reason for any outburst or bad mood you just have to step back and wait until you've worked out what it is.  Whatever you do you mustn't take it personally.

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