Present buying made easy

Ash has always been pretty good on the present buying front.  There was a bit of a blip the year I'd dropped numerous hints about how it would be amazing to see Tina Turner in the last ever concert at Wembley before they knocked it down only to find a new walking jacket nestled in the wrapping paper on my birthday.  It was a great walking jacket but not quite the present I had in mind!  He made up for it though the year I came home on my birthday to find a soft top Ford Escort parked at the front of the house with a note attached saying 'it's yours, why not take it out for a drive'!  Usually he works out what I want, gets it and then buys me a little extra something as well.  This year things are different and I knew he'd be anxious so Jake and I hatched a plan.  He wouldn't be able to navigate shops on his own, it was no good taking him shopping as that would still involve crowds and decision making so we had to work out what would be more important to him - being involved in the decision making or having something to give me on Christmas morning.  We made the call and last night Jake phoned Ash, told him what I wanted, offered to order it, have it delivered and collect the cash from him later.  Ash could then wrap it and give it to me.  Jake said he could hear the relief in his dad's voice.  Yet another layer of stress taken out of his life and all is well in our world.


Lesley said…
I think this happens in a lot of households!!! :o)
Sarah H said…
Definitely happens in ours! 🙂