The origins of a positive attitude

If anyone ever wondered where my positive attitude comes from all they needed to do was watch my mum in action this afternoon.  She is 90 next April but has been looking at Christmas decorations everywhere we've been over the past few days and has decided that hers need an upgrade ready for next year.  The past few hours then have been spent in the local garden centre going through the sale items and we have come away with a new tree, a 'cherry blossom' LED 'thing', a battery operated lantern and two battery operated gold candles.  Oh and all this followed  a visit to one of her oldest friends (they were at primary school together) who is now in a home.  My positivity pails into insignificance I think.


Lesley said…
That's just brilliant - good for her!
Sarah H said…
Well done - sorry I couldn’t come Christmas decoration shopping with you! 😉