The power of positivity

I work for a children's charity and we have been invited to display a Christmas Tree in a Festival of Lights.  This festival isn't local to the charity but is local to one of the projects I'm responsible for and we thought it would be a great way of celebrating the work we do there.  Today was the day for setting up and this involved a 100 mile round trip on my day off.  Last night I went to bed feeling slightly under pressure - Christmas is fast approaching, I still haven't finished the present buying, cards need buying/writing and I could do with the day just for me.  I woke in the night still thinking about this and the more I thought about how little time I had to do everything the harder it was to go back to sleep.  SUDDENLY I worked it all out.  If I set off a little earlier there would be time to call for a coffee and a croissant on the way (I don't 'need' caffeine so this isn't a requirement just something that would be a nice start to the day), I would then set up the tree and take photos for the website then go and buy my mum's Christmas present as well as those all important cards.  We live in rural Lincolnshire so the opportunities to shop for the dressing gown mum wants are generally quite limited in which case this trip out was just what was needed.  It would also focus my mind on buying the cards, they could be written tonight and posted tomorrow.  At that point I went back to sleep!  When I woke up and switched on my computer this had arrived in my inbox   It was so apt I thought I would share it with you.

Needless to say the day didn't go quite according to plan as I ended up on the phone to Amazon for around an hour and a half before I left (and if I start to explain the long and tangled story there your brain will have frazzled by the end of the second sentence) so arrived slightly later than planned to erect the tree.  The great thing was that, because I had completely turned my thinking around with regard to the trip, it really didn't matter that I ran late, I still managed to get Mum's present and also treated myself to lunch out.  On top of all that I had left home in pouring rain but the sun came out for the drive home through the Lincolnshire Wolds and, when the sun's shining, there's nowhere prettier.

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Sarah H said…
Excellent advice for any situation in life - make the very most of what you have . . . always . . . 🙂