Turning a view of life upside down

Called in to see a friend this morning and, over a cup of coffee, we chatted about what we'd been up to.  She talked about racing around everywhere and feeling generally exhausted while I sat in a comfy armchair, the sun shining through the window and thinking about how we can all, if we're not careful, spend our lives racing from pillar to post, trying to be everything to everybody.  I also smugly thought 'well that's not me' and truly believed it.  Then the friend asked what I'd been doing and I started to tell her about going to my mum's each week to take her to the 'posh luncheon club'.  I told her how I leave home at 8am, drive an hour to get to Mum's, take mum to her 'club' then do her shopping for the week before going back to her house to stock the fridge and cupboards, do the washing, get the washing dried and then go back to collect her, take her home and have a cup of tea with her before leaving and getting home around 6.30.  Friend looked at me in amazement and pointed out that I was rushing around just as much as she was and asked why I was so smug about my life.  I had no idea but then realised that we were looking at what I do from completely different perspectives.  She saw the rushing around whereas I saw the cappuccino and cheese scone eaten in the farm shop cafe where I buy mum's lunches for the week. While I'm having that coffee and snack I read the paper and watch the world go by.  When I buy the lovely snacks for her I include something wonderful for my lunch.  When I get back to her house, after I've stocked the fridge and cupboards and put the washing on I sit and have that lunch.  I then have around 3 hours of peace and quiet to gather my thoughts.  I read or write this blog or send emails or ring friends for a chat then at 3.45 I get in the car to go get my mum.   This happens every Monday and actually sets me up for the rest of the week.  My friend and I discussed this and realised that much of what happens in our lives is coloured by how we view it all and, as long as we can make some time for ourselves, it really doesn't have to be quite so stressful.  Once again though this takes planning, effort and, most importantly,  a determination to view life differently.