(almost) ready for a little R & R

Am now packing ready for off tomorrow and no idea when I'll post again.  Planning to really go with the flow over the next two and a half weeks and am aiming for total relaxation by day three.  Either that or it will be a complete disaster and we'll be queuing up at the airport trying to get an early flight home.  I really do have faith in all of this though.   The airport hotel is booked; the shuttle to the airport on Saturday is booked; the dog is with friends; assistance, I've been assured, will be on hand from airport check-in right the way through to the taxi at the other end and again on our return; the taxi to the resort is booked; it looks as though there will be enough to keep us occupied without leaving the resort if we don't want to; I know how to get our favourite radio stations/programmes while we're away; a hotel is booked for the final day (for the time between leaving the resort and getting on the plane in the evening for the flight home); a hotel is booked at Gatwick so that we can have a shower, a nap and lunch before we leave for home on the very last day; books have been downloaded; crossword books are in the bags; Ash's favourite tea bags are in; documents are all in the folder and I can't think of anything else.  Now all you have to do is keep your fingers crossed it all works out for us.  You may hear from me over the next couple of weeks but if not then make sure you check in from 11th Feb to see how it all went.



Lesley said…
Have a brilliant time!
Jane said…
Fingers crossed
Sarah H said…
And relax . . . Look forward to hearing all about it on your return 🙂