Juggling (and managing to keep all the plates spinning).

This week is turning out to be a little hectic.  Monday I had to take Mum to her posh lunch club then took a deep breath and left Ash on his own overnight as the fire service had made an appointment to visit Mum on Tuesday morning to check whether her house is safe and ensure she can continue to live on her own (and not many 'nearly 90 year olds' doing that I suspect).  If I hadn't stayed I would have arrived home at 6.30pm on Monday and then left again at 8am on Tuesday for the return journey so I thought I'd see how Ash managed.  He managed well and mum's house passed with flying colours so that was all good.  I usually work Tuesdays and Thursdays but have some extra hours at the moment so those two things with mum meant that I've worked Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon to fit in what needs to be done with her.  Then work again today.  Tomorrow's work hours will be done in between an appointment with Ash at the surgery in the morning and grocery shopping in the afternoon.  Luckily there is a weekend away to look forward to, setting off Friday morning and back Tuesday afternoon so I'm now focusing on that to keep me sane.  Think if our friends are very unlucky I may sleep all weekend but am so looking forward to it and hanging onto the thought that it's important to make the time to relax and recharge.  In this case I need to recharge in order to have the energy for that holiday I've planned so carefully.