Supporting those who've supported us

Those of you who've been following this blog for a while will have realised by now that without the Contented Dementia Trust Jake and I would still be floundering in a pit of despair with no idea of what to do or how to cope which in turn would have had such a detrimental effect on Ash's well-being that I truly believe he would not be the functioning human being he is today.  The trust is a very small charity based in the gorgeous village of Burford in the Cotswolds where Jake and I spent a fascinating 2 days last March learning strategies to make life easier.  Penny and her team were amazingly supportive and that support has carried on through the months following the course.  In May last year they travelled all the way to our small village in Lincolnshire to talk to friends about how they could support Ash and others in the community who are going through something similar and I really feel that as a result of that talk we must now be the most dementia friendly village in the country.  No-one is concerned about random behaviour, everyone has the strategies they need to make those affected by dementia comfortable and each person is there to support others when needed.  It has made such a difference to us.

Jake's been brilliant all through this difficult episode in our lives but it appears he's not content just to give us the support we need when we need it.  It now seems that he wants to give something back to the Contented Dementia Trust.  As I said earlier they are a very small charity and any help we can give them will make a huge difference so he has signed up for The Great North Swim which will take place in Lake Windermere on Sunday 9th June.  If you would like to know more then take a look at his Just Giving page where he explains why he's doing this and what it involves  If you would like to know more about Contented Dementia have a look at their website or buy the book 'Contented Dementia' by Oliver James and available on Amazon.

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