Best foot forward

Quick update on the driving license front first.  The report from the memory clinic has now been sent to the surgery so, giving it time to arrive and be read, my plan is to phone first thing tomorrow morning to see if a GP will approve Ash to continue driving until the DVLA make their decision (under Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act - who knew!).  Ash seemed to be coping with me chauffering him everywhere and I had high hopes that all would work out.  So that's the background to this post, now onward and upward.  Had a lovely day yesterday including lunch out with the five year old and family and then home to carry on gardening in the sunshine with Ash alongside me.  What could be better.  I talked about 'host' mode a couple of days ago and this was in full view over lunch with conversation flowing, managing to get own meal from the carvery and lots of laughs along the way.  So we collapsed in front of the fire last night me still thinking everything was ok then I looked across and it was immediately obvious everything was not ok.  With a heavy heart I asked what the problem was and the words came tumbling out.  He had cabin fever, he couldn't remember what was happening with his license and wanted to know every single detail of why he couldn't drive.  This wasn't good.  Detailed explanations were demanded but details cloud his brain and confuse him further.  I tried the detail but he just got more and more cross so in desperation I said 'all you really need to know is that I have it under control' and that was it, calm was restored at least on Ash's part.  I continue to worry about the license situation (without justification I'm sure) and this did keep me awake a little last night but we woke this morning with smiles on his part which always makes me feel better.  Then it was over to mum's which involved a drive over the top of the Wolds in glorious sunshine and, just before I arrived at her house, a display of the Red Arrows in playful mood right in front of me.  No need to wonder if I felt better I'm sure.

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Michael said…
I know we only made contact a few days ago! I’m loving your blogs. On the driving license, we had to surrender my wife’s driving license after her assessment at the memory clinic in January. Carole was happy to do so and me and the family are happy also.
Jane said…
Good to hear from you Michael and so pleased you're joining me in the positive apporach. I would be happy for Ash to give up his license if his driving wasn't up to scratch but the truth is he drove for 30 years as part of his job in the police and still drives better than almost anyone I know. Two years ago when my mum reached the grand old age of 88 it was a completely different scenario and, after many arguments, I had to confiscate her keys! She still hasn't forgiven me but it was the right thing to do. This I think is just a case of waiting which he's never been good at.