End of a holiday

Packing up this morning to go home and all going well so far.  Ash asked last night what would be happening today and was quite happy when I told him we were being collected at 10am and taken to a hotel for the day before going on to the airport for an evening flight home.  This morning I wasn't sure how stressful he was going to find the process or if he would even know what was going to happen.  His first words when he woke up?  'Are we making our way home today'?  This was amazing.  Not only did he remember we were going home but he also knew there was a long process leading up to boarding the flight and he's been totally calm about the whole thing.  This is brilliant but again planning has come into play.  We haven't brought much with us (only rucksacks) so there isn't much to pack up, I asked him to clear the kitchen while I packed our stuff up which made him feel useful but also means I know exactly where everything is, I set the alarm so we woke early meaning no rush, the taxi was booked before we left home and I got us a hotel at the airport for the day not only so that we can relax  but also so that we have a base.  All of this planning isn't just to make life easier for Ash but if I'm organised I'm confident in what's going to happen and if I'm confident Ash knows there's nothing for him to be anxious about. so it's a win-win.  See you when we get home.



Lesley said…
Happy homecoming!