Just over half way ........

....... and starting to miss you all!  Also realised that this blog is my way of recording memories so am worried that if I don't post then the memories that we're making now will disappear into the ether.  I was thinking a few days ago that almost every holiday we've ever had has produced at least one wonderful experience.  Interestingly it was much harder to recall difficult moments and there were one or two holidays I couldn't bring to mind at all so assumed nothing happened on those at all.  So how is this holiday matching up?

The journey itself was great right up until arrival at Orlando airport.  Unfortunately staff there seemed to have a problem with invisible disabilities and obviously decided that Ash was too young and fit to have a problem.  Got through that though and everything was fine.  Also noted that Ash wasn't fazed by any part of the journey even with the problems at Orlando.  Rest of the holiday is ups and downs.  Luckily more ups than downs and it's all a learning experience which we work through a day at a time.  Time difference (-5hrs) was a little difficult to begin with but ok within a couple of days;  Resort is isolated but beautiful with an enormous hotel a shuttle ride or short walk away so lots of people-watching;  Could do with more sunshine but at least it's not snowing and when the sun does come out it's HOT;  Lack of a car has been more difficult than I expected but have found a lovely taxi driver who will take us wherever we want to go;  Ash has woken before me the past two mornings and panicked as he couldn't work out where he was but I have a plan for tonight/tomorrow so will let you know if it works.

What has been lovely is this opportunity to escape from real life and spend time together.  I said at the beginning of this post that almost every holiday we've ever been on has produced at least one memorable moment.  That moment on this trip was tonight when we watched (some of) the Superbowl on an inflatable screen at the side of the pool, eating pizza (surrounded by Americans who knew what was going on) as white egrets flew overhead.  Ash might not remember that even tomorrow but I will and I realise I'm not ready to give up on making memories just yet.


Lesley said…
Don't miss us too much - we're still here and it tipped it down with rain last night (so loud it woke me up). Everywhere is very soggy this morning! :o)