Sunshine works its magic

Best day of the holiday so far weather-wise and with it comes a feeling of complete relaxation which, as we know, is exactly what's called for where dementia is concerned.  Leaving the clock plugged in overnight again worked it's magic and I'm kicking myself for not doing it before.  I said I wish I'd thought of it earlier but if I'm being completely honest I didn't want to let the thought into my head.  In the past we've both loved a pitch black bedroom and I find it difficult to sleep with any sort of light pollution no matter how small.  Having said that since dementia entered our lives none of this is about me.  I can cope with lack of sleep, I can cope with waking somewhere unfamiliar and it's not the end of the world if, momentarily, I can't quite remember where I am.  None of this is true for Ash and I've spent months learning that if I make life easier for him then it's also easier for me.  Not acknowledging that there was an easy solution to the problem at the beginning was just pig headed.  Hopefully this is another lesson learned.

So today is being spent in the sunshine with the occasional dip in the pool and, this being America, everything is made easy for us.  Towels are retrieved using our room key card from a cabinet at the edge of the pool then automatically tracked as we return them, ice cold water is available free from the pool lobby, Wifi is available around the pool if we want it, free gas BBQs are also at the side of the pool just waiting to be lit (not a skill I've acquired just yet), the hot tubs are so hot that you have to get out to cool off and all is relaxed and calm.  We may have had difficulties with the time difference but as a place to relax and leave real life behind this takes some beating.

And the very best bit?  American TV news isn't interested one bit in Brexit.  Not a mention in 10 days.  Absolute bliss.

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Lesley said…
Good news! Here's to more sunshine!