A day in which things don't go quite according to plan

Having been told on Tuesday that Mum was being moved to a small local hospital so she could recuperate and get well enough to go home we got to this morning and she still hadn't moved.  Never mind, she was still safe, looked after and moving this afternoon so I started with my well organised day ie. driving to a local nursery to drop someone off, back to take Ash to the doctors (to try yet again for approval to drive until the decision comes through from the DVLA), home to sort out some paperwork for work, back to the nursery for a pick-up then finally the usual Thursday afternoon grocery shopping trip.  Managed the very first action on the list and then the wheels came off, the result of a confused phone call from my mum to ask where she was, what was happening and when she was going home.  I know she's nearly 90 but she really did sound like a frail little old lady and I went into freefall.  Luckily I have the most amazing work colleagues who instantly agreed to pick up the things I had to abandon so we did the (unsuccessful) trip to the GP then I dropped Ash off at home before flying off to see mum in hospital.  When I got there she'd been moved to another ward so I went searching, eventually finding her looking very settled in a private side room with her own personal en-suite.   Not for the first time I'd worried unnecessarily.   Anyway I set her up with the television and left her watching Bargain Hunt while I went to her house in search of clothes, returning with three outfits only to be asked if I'd remembered to match the trousers to the tops!

So that's mum sorted at least until tomorrow when she may or may not be somewhere different.  Now on to the latest in the saga of the driving license.  Saw another GP who is older and more experienced but he also said he hadn't seen Ash drive and wasn't prepared to say he was fit to continue.  Interestingly Ash said this time that he could see the doctors point and now seems prepared to settle down and wait for the official verdict.  I did say that the only reason we'd booked the appointment was because the DVLA said that was a way Ash could continue driving but the doctor said we'd been set up to fail as he didn't know of a single GP who would put his neck on the line in this way so if anyone else is soon to be in this position please be aware and get that driving assessment booked now.

I will say that, for all my positivity, this morning I thought I'd hit rock bottom but of course I hadn't.  Friends at the end of the phone, friends bumped into in the hospital, friends at the end of an email, friends picking up my slack at work and all the positive comments that are showing up on here help to keep me well above the plimsoll line.  And when I told Jake that I was slightly worried at the thought that I might have to drive Ash's truck for the first time at the weekend he kindly pointed out that it was just another of life's lessons.  He's right of course.

I love all the positive comments which are starting to appear on here and on my email.  Please keep them coming.  You can't even begin to imagine how much they help.


Lesley said…
Good luck today - hope there's a few steps forward again and you get to have a stress-free weekend!
Michael said…
All the very best Jane, our thoughts are with you both and let’s hope you have spell of peace and tranquillity soon. You have a good weekend. We are having all the family round for a goulash and unveil Carole’s Alice in Wonderland wall. Carole has been buying signs and clocks!! I’ve put my artistic side to it!
Jane said…
Think photos of the Alice in Wonderland Wall are a must Michael.