A really lovely day took me by surprise

Jake has talked to staff at the hospital mum has been moved to and told them about the situation here.  As a result they have agreed to cut my stress levels by deterring her from phoning me to demand I fetch her home which meant I slept last night for the first time in nearly two weeks.  That sleep in turn meant that I woke feeling rested and peaceful.  Next, two busy parts of my day were cancelled which meant we could go shopping at a reasonable time.  Ash struggles if we go grocery shopping any later in the week than Thursday but recently my Thursdays have been full so the trip has been happening late in the day when I've been really tired.  Because of those cancellations, for the first time in weeks, we had a normal trip to our local town.  Lidl's followed by Tesco followed by M & S for coffee and croissant (or tea and scone depending on which one of us you talk to).  The sun was shining, other people were few and far between and all was relaxed.  It was so nice to get back to 'normal'.  Normal however is relative.  For a start Ash couldn't remember where we keep the shopping bags, he took charge of the list but only managed to write four things on it, I had to drive and, if I was viewing it all from even a year ago, I would have looked on in disbelief.  However we're in the here and now and acceptance is the key to living a life affected by dementia so I'm just pleased that we're still able to enjoy our life even if it's not quite the life I once saw when I looked into the future.

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Sarah H said…
Well done Jake!