And now for something completely different

I had a meeting this morning for work so set off at 8.30 all prepared.  Got about 20 minutes into the journey and felt so sick that I pulled in, phoned to tell them I wouldn't be there and headed for mum's.  What I needed was total silence and sleep and an empty house was waiting.  I've been expecting this to happen ever since my hectic day on Monday which began at 10am with a meeting at mum's bank to activate the Power of Attorney.  This was followed by a visit to the estate agents to sign papers and get her  house on the market then on to a work meeting, followed by a visit to the home she's going into for the next two weeks, followed by an appointment at her solicitors, followed by a return visit to the home to complete paperwork then back to the house for a bowl of porridge (only food in the cupboard) then on to the hospital to visit her before a drive home arriving back at 8.30pm.  For some reason the next day my brain refused to function.  Anyway a few hours on my own today has worked wonders and, just to take my mind off everything else happening in my life, I've spent those hours dressing the house ready for selling and I can now tell you that it looks beautiful.  All those house make-over programmes haven't been a waste of time and lessons have obviously been learned.  So my lesson of the week has been this:  If I want to switch off and get my head into gear I need to try something completely different.  Am now considering hiring out my services and it could be the start of a whole new career.

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Sarah H said…
Take care . . . it will soon be easier 🙂 x
Jane said…
that's what's keeping me going.
Lesley said…
You've been juggling so much, it's no wonder you needed a break. Take care of yourself, though - maybe go down a gear or two now?
Ann said…
Simply reading about your schedule makes me feel exhausted, Jane. Not even Superwoman could keep that pace up for long....hope it gets easier very soon.
Jane said…
Am sure it will get easier. In fact I know it will and that's what keeps me sane.