The benefits of retreat (however short)

What a difference 24 hours of silence and solitude make.  Yesterday morning I really thought the stress had finally got to me and that I was going to be properly ill but a day by myself with no-one to talk to and nowhere to be made all the difference.  I had things to do but very satisfying things and ones I could do in my own time and at my own pace then a long phone chat last night with someone I hadn't seen for ages and I was set up for a peaceful night's sleep.  For the first time in weeks I slept past 4am and when I finally got up I looked at the bed and couldn't see where I'd been.  Best of all I went out for a run.  Those of you follow this blog will remember that I twisted my foot in a pot hole a couple of weeks ago and, because it's still been twinging every now and then, I haven't wanted to risk damaging it further so I haven't run for over 2 weeks.  This is a shame as I was 6 weeks into the 9 week 'Couch to 5K' programme and had actually got to the point where I was enjoying myself.  Anyway I've decided to go back to the beginning and today was day two of the first week.  The best thing about this is that I can still remember when I started the programme all those weeks ago in Florida and how, after the first one minute run, I was nearly on my knees.  Today was so easy that it made me feel really good about myself.  So now you can see how far I've come since yesterday morning, not just hours away but a different mindset away.

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Ann said…
A good lesson for us (Carers) to take note of. Sometimes a complete break, even just for 24hours, is all that’s needed to put us back on track. I stay over with my sister, in the peaceful, beautiful, Yorkshire Wolds, when it all gets too much. But, I appreciate I’m fortunate in that I’ve found the perfect person to look after my O.H. Not everyone is in my position.
Jane said…
The important thing I think is to recognise when it is all getting too much and then you can work out what to do to get yourself back on track.
Ann said…
I agree Jane, and it’s not always simple to recognise (as you know). It’s so easy to keep pushing yourself to the point of collapse, then hopefully something inside says “enough is enough”. I’m so lucky to have a friend, who looked after his Mum (with Dementia). He said if he saw me ‘going under’ he and his wife would be the first to tell me I needed a break. Now that’s what I call good friends.