Update on my chaotic life

Yesterday began with a meeting at work, moved on to coffee or two with a friend then a visit to my mum (still in hospital).  Left the hospital and went to look at a very smart sheltered housing development for mum which was lovely and just what she needs I think.  Left there, drove home, collected Ash and the list and went grocery shopping before getting home at 8.30pm all of which hopefully explains why I didn't post on here last night.  Rather than typing away as I am now I was snuggled on the sofa with my brain in neutral.

Today was equally busy but focused more on one area.  This morning Ash and I went to mum's to start clearing her garage.  This isn't a job for the faint hearted so I'd suggesting taking the truck which we could fill ready for taking stuff to the tip.  Ash readily agreed which surprised me until I realised he thought he would be driving.  Slightly sticky moment when he discovered he wasn't but I really do think he knows life is difficult for me at the moment and he's trying his hardest to be supportive so, after an initial outburst, he settled down in the passenger seat and tried his best to stifle any sharp intakes of breath as he observed my driving of his pride and joy.  Still on the subject of Ash and his support I do think it's lovely that he knows I still need him and continues to rise to the occasion even when life is challenging for him.  Possibly, after 43 years together, supporting each other is ingrained but the knowledge that he still has my back provides such a glow in me that I feel I can face anything.