Relax and enjoy - the keys to life.

The past few weeks have been a real struggle both mentally and physically when the only way to cope seemed to be a 'head down and plough on' mind set.  At last however there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel and this weekend was a lovely example of life becoming relaxing once again.   With activities ranging from log collecting with the 5 yr old to watching Bohemian Rhapsody at Flix in the Stix (a monthly pop-up cinema at the local town hall for those who haven't heard of it) with friends to lunch with yet more friends and family today.  Finishing the afternoon in front of the fire watching Pointless Celebrities with Ash and now feeling ready to face the world again.

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Lesley said…
Sounds brilliant! Keep the good times rolling!
Jane said…
I intend to and soon there will be so much more time to enjoy it all.