Life is, I hope, about to get easier

You may have noticed that my posts this week have been a little sporadic to say the least and you may have wondered why.  Am I too busy?  Is my life spiralling even further into chaos?  Have I broken my wrist making typing impossible?  Have I finally collapsed sobbing in a corner unable to cope?  Some of these are verging on the truth but not all.  Work and home have combined to make things so hectic I've had no time to think of anything interesting to say and I have managed to collapse sobbing once or twice which is so unusual that friends have been left open mouthed with amazement but I have coped and life really is about to get easier.  Mum is now ensconced in a lovely retirement home initially for two weeks but she's so happy I've just extended her stay by another two weeks to give me some breathing space and her time to relax among lots of lovely people who she can sit and chat to; because I'm dealing with mum Ash is completely at ease with me being away from home overnight so I have time to myself in a beautiful, quiet house AND (this is the important one) I have handed in my notice at work.  It was a very sad moment when I did this as I love my job and work with some amazing and supportive people but I really don't have room in my head for everything and something had to give.  It's all too easy to think you can do everything or even to think you have to do everything but you can't and you mustn't.  Friends have been telling me for a while that I needed to make time for me but I really couldn't see how.  Finally I sat down and thought long and hard about what I was doing and who was gaining from all my racing around and realised very quickly that if I wasn't careful I would go into free-fall and those who needed me would be worse off than they are already.  So there you are, decision made, and I feel better already.  The next three weeks will be hectic but after that all of those friends who've been inviting me round for morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and/or days out will find me on their doorstep just waiting to be entertained.  I'm not my mother's daughter for nothing!

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Lesley said…
So glad your mum is finally out of hospital and enjoying the home. Well done for getting this far and for making the decision to quit work - a little more time and space will definitely help!
Jane said…
Will miss everyone at work but can't wait to have time to breathe.
Sarah H said…
So glad you’ve made that decision about work - I’m sure it will make a big difference.
Ann said…
Jane, I defie anyone to have deal with the issues you’ve had to deal with, especially the past few weeks, and not find themselves in tears occasionally. So big ‘pat on the back’ for making it this far and coming to the realistic conclusion, that there’s only so much pressure the human body can take, before ‘something has to give’.

I’ve done something similar myself (given up something that I loved doing), in order to give the best of myself to other higher priority areas of my life, so I (and many others) do understand. Well done for being brave!

Good luck with all your plans. X